Performance and Optimization Testing

Our relationship with our partners does not end after we implement our technologies.

We understand the various issues facing the industries we serve, and how they change over time. To confirm your system is operating at maximum efficiency and to discuss potential changes in regulations, we maintain a line of open communication, often checking in weekly. We also provide bi-weekly reports, regularly ensuring that our partners meet compliance.

We own our own testing equipment, allowing us to offer testing services directly to all the facilities we partner with. Our equipment and testing programs are designed to limit any balance of plant concerns by tying into existing plant equipment.

We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Mercury sorbent trap sampling (both 30B and speciated mercury traps)
  • Onsite evaluation of Mercury sorbent traps
  • Onsite evaluation of Mercury content in coal and fly ash samples
  • Temporary Injection Skids
    • Air-phase ACI with bag unloader for 1000 lb supersacks
    • Patented WetJect™ Technology

This strategy has proven instrumental in engineering and optimizing high quality activated carbons and can be utilized for future endeavors to evaluate next generation products targeted to improving performance, reducing consumption, and lowering the customer’s costs.